Cine Magic Tubelight System


The System

Dimmable to 30%
With the external ballast, the CMTs can be dimmed to approx. 30% of their maximum output with a minimum change in the colortemperature (approx. 100 Kelvin). Operating at 40 - 70kHz all ballasts are flickerfree and camera speed and shutter angle can be adjusted freely. The ballasts can be switched from 18W to 36W which enables the utilisation of either 60cm (2ft) or 120cm (4ft) CMTs.

The CMT is fully compatible with other systems. With mechanical and electrical adapters tubelights or ballasts of other manufacturers can be used.

Squashed Grids
With two different colored grids (silver or black) the light can be directed as desired. The grids are being fastened to the lamps with velcro straps and are secured by two safety clips.

Sturdy Design
The design with a flexible shaft increases the lifetime of the foldable wings considerably. The wings serve as reflectors or barndoors and also protect the tubes during transportation. Metal edges reinforce the black housing. The inner wings are white.

Quick Release
A quick release ball-socket bracket plate slides into an interlocking plate on the housing to speed up installation. The plate is secured by a screw. Two versions of the mounting plate are available: spigot or socket.

Each singular tube or the complete unit can be disconnected and reconnected from or to the ballast at any time without damage to electronics or the tubes. All tubes are covered with a splinter protection for more security in transport and handling.

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