Cine Magic Tubelight System


The flickerfree electronic ballasts are capable of dimming to 30% of the maximum power without any significant shift in color tem-perature. The ballasts are capable of dimming T-8 tubes (18/36W) or other standard T-12 tubes (20/40W) and are therefore directly interchangeable with other fixtures.

For each bank-size there is a dedicated ballast. The Eight Bank version can alternatively supply two Four Banks or one Eight Bank fixture.

The toggle switch allows for switching from 18W to 36W enabling you to have one ballast for either a 60cm (2'-0") or a 120cm (4'-0") fixture.

On request all ballasts can be ordered with analog and / or digital DMX interface for lighting consoles.

With the additional mounting clamp the ballasts can be attached to a stand. This keeps the ballasts off the ground and protects them against damage.


Bags in four different sizes for safe transportation
Bag 1/2/4-Bank 60cm (2'-0")
Bag 1/2/4-Bank 120cm (4'-0")
Bag 1/2/4/8-Bank 60cm (2'-0")
Bag 1/2/4/8-Bank 120cm (4'-0")

Squashed grid in silver
Squashed grid in black

Quick-release ball-socket bracket plate with 16mm spigot or socket

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